Four Ways You Could Cut Your Towing Costs

You're on a road trip and find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Obviously, you're going to need a tow truck and your inclination is going to be to call the first towing service you can find. If money is tight, however, you may want to do a bit more research. Here are four ways you may be able to cut the towing costs.

Call Your Insurance Company

Most people have no idea what their automobile insurance covers; they just know the law said they had to have it in order to register the vehicle. Roadside assistance coverage is one of those policy riders insurance agents try to push when selling you a policy, and because it is so cheap, many people do choose to add it on. You may need to pay the tow service upfront and then get reimbursed later from the insurance company, but they may partner with specific companies that offer a discount.

Call Your Credit Card Company

Many major credit cards offer travel benefits as well as roadside assistance for their customers. In fact, they usually don't even charge a fee for this option unless you actually use the service. This can be a big advantage over standalone roadside service companies, which charge you an annual fee whether you use the service or not.

Your credit card company may partner with not only towing companies but automotive service centers, car rental agencies, hotels, airlines, and more. If you do find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere and short on funds, they may even be willing to increase your credit card limit to help you get home.

Check Your Wallet

It's not uncommon for people to sign up for various services and completely forget about them. For example, many older people subscribe to a popular magazine for people 55 and over. Their roadside assistance program is frequently offered as a special subscription gift. Look through your wallet for any membership cards you may have and forgotten about ā€” there just may be one that could help you get a towing discount.

Ask The Police For Help

If you have been in a fender bender and the police were called, you can ask them which budget-friendly towing service they recommend. If you have simply broken down, call the non-emergency number of the nearest law enforcement agency, explain your situation, and see what they suggest. Some towing services offer discounted assistance in certain circumstances.

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