3 Reasons You Need A Gooseneck Hitch To Haul Your Horses

Many people enjoy the companionship of horses. Competing in rodeos, horse shows, or other events with your animals can be a great way to interact with other horse enthusiasts while building a reputation for your own animals on the show circuit. Traveling with your horses requires the use of a trailer, and you want to ensure that your trailer hitch provides maximum safety and convenience.

Here are three reasons why you should opt for a gooseneck trailer hitch when hauling your horses in the future.

1. A gooseneck hitch is designed to haul heavy loads.

If you will be routinely hauling multiple horses to shows and competitions, then you need a trailer hitch that can easily pull the weight of your animals. A gooseneck hitch sits in the back of your pickup truck, allowing the hitch to distribute the weight of the trailer over your vehicle's axles, rather than across the bumper of your truck. This weight distribution provides added stability, allowing your truck to easily absorb the weight of a fully loaded horse trailer.

A gooseneck hitch can accommodate fluctuating load weights with ease, making it simple to haul your horses to and from competitions without worrying about the toll towing your horse trailer will take on your truck.

2. A gooseneck hitch allows for maximum maneuverability.

Getting your truck and trailer into a tight space can be challenging with a bumper hitch. When you have a gooseneck hitch, your truck has the ability to maneuver independently from the trailer it is attached to.

This features provides maximum maneuverability when it comes to functioning within a tight turn radius or getting into and out of a small parking space. Since many horse competitions attract a lot of participants, the parking lots of these events could be filled to capacity. The increased maneuverability you will enjoy with a gooseneck hitch can allow you to navigate a full parking lot with ease.

3. A gooseneck hitch lets you increase your cargo space.

Hauling horses to competitive events requires that you pack a lot of items to take with you. In addition to your horses and their tack, you will need to bring along luggage, feed, and supplements. The added cargo space in gooseneck trailers allows you to easily store all of the items you will need while you are traveling with your animals.

You can even throw a spare mattress in the portion of the trailer that hangs over your truck's bed and attaches to the hitch, letting you sleep in your trailer so that you can remain close to your horses while you are away from home.

When you are able to recognize the benefits a gooseneck hitch can offer when it comes to hauling your horses, it's easy to see why you should invest in a gooseneck hitch for your pickup truck in the near future.