Several Things You Should Know Regarding Transmission Problems

There are few parts of your car that are more complicated or important than its transmission. Due to this, problems with a transmission can be a serious issue that will need to be addressed fairly rapidly to minimize the damage to the vehicle. Being a well-informed car owner will provide you with an enhanced ability to understand and correct these problems when they arise with your vehicle.

What Makes the Transmission Slip?

Slipping gears can be one of the first problems that a malfunctioning transmission may experience. This issue is often caused by the internal gears of the transmission becoming warped or stripped. Slipping gears is a problem that will rapidly worsen once it starts. Eventually, it can be possible for metal fragments from the damaged gears to cause problems for other parts in the transmission, which can further lead to a drastic reduction in performance. Fortunately, if you catch this problem when it is still in the early stages, your mechanic may be able to repair the damage by simply replacing the compromised gears.

What Is Causing a Sweet, Chemical Smell in the Car's Interior?

One day, you may find that you are noticing a sweet, chemical smell in your car as you are driving. Unfortunately, this can often indicate a transmission leak as the smell of the transmission fluid will be sucked into the car's cabin through the air conditioning and heating systems. Without adequate transmission fluid, this part of your car will rapidly suffer severe damage from the tremendous friction that is generated by the transmission.

How Is a Transmission Repaired?

The repair process for transmission damage will vary greatly according to the type and scope of the damage that has occurred. Regardless of the problem, the mechanic will likely need to dismantle much of the transmission so that they can develop a better understanding about the work that is needed. If it is found that the transmission has suffered extensive damages, rebuilding it may be the preferred option. When rebuilding the transmission, all of the damaged components will be removed and replaced so that the functionality of the transmission is restored.

If your transmission is suffering from malfunctions, it can create serious performance and safety issues for your car. If you are aware of the factors that can cause the transmission to slip, the car's cabin to fill with a sweet chemical odor and the process of repairing serious problems with the transmission, it will be far easier to be able to quickly and competently address these problems. For more information, talk to a professional like Huntington Beach Transmissions.